Matthew 6:3: Why Should you Give in Secret?

Matthew 6:3: Why Should you Give in Secret?

In Matthew 6:3, Jesus teaches us a profound lesson about giving in secret. This verse is part of the famous Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus shares important insights about righteous living. While the verse may seem straightforward, it holds deep spiritual truths that have the power to transform our attitudes and actions towards giving. Let's explore the meaning of Matthew 6:3 and understand why giving in secret is significant in our relationship with God.

What Does Matthew 6:3 Mean?

Matthew 6:3 states, "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing." This verse emphasizes the importance of giving without seeking recognition or applause from others. It encourages us to give in a way that is discreet and hidden from the eyes of people. Jesus highlights the need for sincere and selfless generosity, devoid of any desire for personal gain or public admiration.

The Prayer for Matthew 6:3:

The prayer that accompanies Matthew 6:3 is one of humility and genuine love for others. It is a prayer that seeks to align our hearts with God's heart, desiring to bless others without any ulterior motives or personal agenda. We can pray to God, asking Him to cultivate within us a spirit of selflessness and generosity that seeks to meet the needs of others discreetly.

In Matthew 6:3, Jesus teaches us the importance of giving in secret, without seeking recognition or praise. This short prayer invites us to embrace a spirit of selfless generosity, surrendering our motives to God and finding joy in blessing others without expectation of earthly reward: 

"Heavenly Father,

As we meditate on the words of Matthew 6:3, we come before You with humble hearts. Teach us the true meaning of giving in secret, Lord. Help us to release any desire for recognition or praise, and instead, let our acts of kindness and generosity be solely for Your glory.

Grant us the wisdom to discern opportunities to give without seeking attention. Fill our hearts with compassion and love for others, so that our giving may be motivated by genuine care and a desire to bless. May our actions reflect Your character and the selfless love exemplified by Jesus Christ.

Lord, help us to cultivate a spirit of generosity that is not bound by earthly recognition but rooted in the joy of serving You and meeting the needs of others. Give us the strength to overcome any selfishness or pride that may hinder our ability to give in secret.

May our giving bring forth transformation and blessings in the lives of those we touch. May it be a source of hope, healing, and provision, not only materially but also emotionally and spiritually.

We surrender our motives, intentions, and acts of giving into Your hands, O Lord. Use them for Your divine purposes and to bring glory to Your name. Help us to be faithful stewards of the resources and opportunities You have entrusted to us.

Thank You, Father, for Your abundant grace and the privilege of participating in Your work of love and compassion. May Your kingdom come, and Your will be done as we seek to honor You in all that we do.

In the precious name of Jesus, we pray. Amen."

What Does "Never Let Your Left Hand Know" Mean?

The phrase "never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing" is a metaphorical expression Jesus uses to illustrate the secrecy and privacy with which our acts of giving should be performed. It implies that our giving should be so hidden that even we ourselves are unaware of the extent or details of our own generosity. It emphasizes the importance of genuine humility and a desire to honor God alone in our giving.

What Does the Left Hand Symbolize in the Bible?

In biblical symbolism, the left hand is often associated with secrecy, hiddenness, and even deception. By using this metaphor, Jesus emphasizes that our acts of giving should not be tainted with any form of pride, self-righteousness, or desire for recognition. The left hand symbolizes the worldly nature of seeking applause and acknowledgement for our good deeds, while the right hand represents the righteous and selfless nature of giving solely for the glory of God.

As we apply the principles of Matthew 6:3 to our daily lives, we can experience transformational growth and deeper alignment with God's heart. Here are a few practical ways to live out this teaching:

  1. Quiet Acts of Kindness: Look for opportunities to perform small acts of kindness without seeking attention. It could be helping a neighbor with their groceries, anonymously paying for someone's meal, or quietly supporting a charitable cause.

  2. Giving without Strings Attached: Practice giving without expecting anything in return. Release any attachment to recognition or reciprocation, and simply give out of love and compassion.

  3. Praying for Others: Pray for the needs of those around you without broadcasting it to others. Lift up individuals and situations in prayer, seeking God's intervention and blessing without seeking personal credit.

  4. Sacrificial Giving: Consider sacrificial giving, where you willingly give up something of value to bless someone else. It could be your time, resources, or talents. Let it be a private act of devotion to God and service to others.

  5. Anonymous Giving: Seek opportunities to support individuals or causes anonymously. This allows the recipients to receive help without knowing who provided it, protecting their dignity and maintaining the purity of your motives.

  6. Focusing on God's Approval: Shift your focus from seeking the approval of others to seeking God's approval. Understand that His opinion matters most, and His rewards far outweigh any recognition or praise from people.

  7. Cultivating a Generous Heart: Regularly examine your motives and attitudes towards giving. Allow God to transform your heart, replacing any selfishness or desire for recognition with a genuine desire to bless and serve others.

Matthew 6:3 reminds us that giving in secret is not about hiding our good deeds, but about honoring God and selflessly serving others. It teaches us the importance of cultivating a humble and generous heart that seeks to meet the needs of others discreetly, without seeking the approval or applause of people. By practicing secret giving, we align ourselves with the heart of God and experience the true joy that comes from selfless acts of kindness. May we strive to give in secret, knowing that our Heavenly Father sees and rewards our genuine acts of generosity. Let us remember that our giving is not for our own glory or recognition but for the glory of God and the well-being of others.

Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:3 as a guiding principle for your acts of kindness and generosity. When we give in secret, we align ourselves with God's character and invite His blessing into our lives. As you embrace the beauty of anonymous giving, you'll experience the profound joy that comes from selflessly loving and serving others.

Let us embrace the wisdom of Matthew 6:3 and strive to give in secret. May our acts of kindness and generosity be an expression of our love for God and others, rather than seeking personal recognition. As we cultivate a heart of humility and selflessness, we align ourselves with the heart of our Heavenly Father and become vessels of His grace in the world.

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