Top 10 Christian songs

Top 10 Christian songs

Are you looking for some new Christian songs to add to your playlist in 2023? Look no further! We've put together a list of the top 10 Christian songs that are sure to inspire, uplift, and move you in the new year.

  1. "Yes I Will" by Vertical Worship: This powerful song reminds us to trust in God, even when we're facing difficult times.

  2. "Rescue Story" by Zach Williams: With its upbeat tempo and inspiring lyrics, "Rescue Story" is the perfect song to remind us of God's faithfulness.

  3. "King of Kings" by Hillsong Worship: This worship song is a powerful reminder of Jesus' sovereignty and the hope we have in Him.

  4. "Faithful Now"by Vertical Worship: This song reminds us of God's faithfulness, even when we feel like giving up.

  5. "Goodness of God"by Bethel Music: With its powerful lyrics and soaring melody, "Goodness of God" is the perfect song to sing in worship.

  6. "Holy Water" by We The Kingdom: This song speaks to the power of God's love and grace to transform our lives.

  7. "Another In The Fire" by Hillsong United: This song reminds us that we are never alone, even in our darkest moments.

  8. "Graves Into Gardens" by Elevation Worship: This song celebrates the power of God to turn our struggles into something beautiful.

  9. "Glorious Day" by Passion: With its triumphant melody and powerful lyrics, "Glorious Day" is the perfect song to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

  10. "Way Maker" by Sinach: This powerful song has become a global anthem, reminding us that God is always working in our lives, even when we can't see it.

    These new Christian songs are just a few of the many amazing worship songs that are available today. Whether you're looking for a worship song to sing in church, or just want to add some new music to your personal playlist, these songs are sure to inspire and uplift you.

    If you're looking for more Christian songs to add to your playlist, be sure to check out our Christian songs list. We update our list regularly with the top Christian songs of the year, so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest worship music.

    So why not start your 2023 with a fresh playlist filled with these top Christian songs? You'll be amazed at how much these songs can inspire and encourage you in your faith journey.

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